5 Nov 2012

i hate fashion.

sometimes i hate fashion. well, i don't actually hate it, but it really gives me a hard time.

for years, maybe since marie antoinette died as one of the victims of the french revolution, it was quite clear that one might never ever combine dark shades of blue and black. in fact, it was sin.

this rule was one of the first things my grandmother, who was working at a gentlemen's outfitter, taught me. and now all the fashion magazines, designers and stylists tell me that black and blue is one of the hottest trends of the season? tough to imagine.

still, i had to take a closer look at it. sorry grandma, but i have to confess: i like this trend. if you do it right, your outfit may look quite vibrant and deep, like a clear night sky. in addition, i have always been of the opinion that blue is the perfect color for every type because it looks so classy and elegant.

i believed so much in the old 'no black and blue rule' that my introducing the trend to you may be a few weeks too late, but i just had to mention it on the blog because black and blue should definetely be considered as your favourite combination of colours during the christmas season.

some quick tips:

-one colour should predominate
-it's better to wear this combination in the evening than during the day
-take a dark shade of blue

i've already picked some examples for you:



viktor & rolf


cushnie et ochs

i really hope you like the trend. if that's the case, you should have a look in your wardrobe because i'm pretty sure that you don't even have to go shopping to wear this trend.

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