10 Nov 2012

karl strikes again.

everything karl lagerfeld touches becomes a huge success, at least for his money bag. the popular accessory brand 'fossil' wants to eat free cheese and initiated a cooperation.

the indefatigable karl lagerfeld once said that he doesn't wear watches to know what time it is, but because they are beautiful. he even finds them so beautiful that he often wears more than one on his wrist. it was just a matter of time until the allround talent creates his own collection. last year, fossil announced that there would be a capsule collection by karl lagerfeld.

on the first glance there aren't a lot of similarities between karl lagerfeld and fossil. i was quite surprised when the news about the cooperation spread. but in fact, the designer of chanel and fendi just continues what he started with the collection for h&m some years ago: creating clothes and accessories that are less expensive than the ones he designs for chanel or fendi in order to reach completely new buyer groups.

after about one year of waiting there finally are some results of his work published:

i must admit that i love what i see. especially the watch with the leather-zips and the studded clock face really makes my heart skip a beat. karl completely overruled the typical (usually practical) fossil design and created true objects of desire which are edgy and classy at the same time.

sadly these pictures are the only thing we get to see at the moment. the official presentation of the whole collection consisting of seven pieces that come to prices between 150 € and 600 € will take place in early 2013. those of you who want to buy a 'karl-watch' can start the run on the shops on 28 february. you should better be fast: the collection is limited.


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