11 Nov 2012

menu of the week.

too busy to read the posts on eatthecostume during the last days? no problem: here comes this week's review. bon appétit!

  • on sunday i picked some keypieces of the current zara collection. you should definitely take a closer look.
  • another topic last sunday was the great platform instagram. here are some arguments to convince all the poor souls who don't have an account to get one asap.
  • i hate fashion tells you about combining black and blue which has always been a major fashion disaster — until now.
  • on wednesday i had to vent my anger. if you want to know why click here.
  • finally, there are some pictures of the capsule collection by karl lagerfeld for fossil. get all the news.
next week there will be some awesome fashion food about perfume, the usual hate, war and a bit of madonna. stay tuned and please let me know what other topics you want to read about next week, which posts you liked and which ones you didn't. your feedback is very important to me and every other blogger out there.

stay fashionable!


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