4 Nov 2012

shopping guide: zara

attention! eatthecostume is a german blog, but from now in it will be written in english. just to give all the poor, badly dressed people out there some help. for all of you who prefer to read german texts: don't worry, we're currently working on a solution to create a bilingual blog. and now stop being egoistic and complaining and go on reading, i've prepared something quite lovely for you:

a lot of friends told me about how much they'd like to wear more fashionable clothes, but they simply couldn't afford a nice gucci-bag or anything comparable. well, i've got a pretty simple solution for you: zara, mango, topman, topshop, urban outfitters and all these chain stores out there. some fashionistas surely would contradict, but these stores give you a pretty easy, quick and inexpensive opportunity to pick up the latest trends and finally start looking fashionable, especially if you are not living in berlin and there aren't all these awesome flea markets around you.

i really adore zara, so i decided to pick some of my favorite pieces of the season and present them to you. give at least one of them a new home!

when it's getting cold outside, the coat is the most important thing about your outfit. really. the combination of different materials in one piece is one of the greatest and most beautiful trends this season. furthermore, dear men out there, you have to have a trench-coat. it's a basic. so if you don't own one: buy this wonderful thing!

again it's about material: velvet is all the rage. and leather... well, i love leather, so this season loves me, because some designers even created all-over-leather-looks. don't be afraid to wear this material. you'll look magnificent, as long as you are as skinny as i am. if you are not the thin-type: no problem, stay with accessories.

the shirt is just awesome. i love the colours, the print, the denim-touch... it simply is a must-have. dear women: you shouldn't wear this jacquard-all-over-look. but try the jacket. a friend of mine wears it and it looks great! not just because jacquard is so trendy, it's just beautiful.

the poncho on the left is actually a piece from the men's collection and i'm so happy about it. i love huge scarves and ponchos can be a great alternative to coats and jackets, especially on mild days. in addition, the pattern is quite handsome
i mainly chose the top on the right because of it's colour. this burgundy is the hottest colour of the season. furthermore, i just like the transparency and the details. what i want to tell you is: buy something in burgundy!

again, a clever and subtile mix of materials. guys, you should still wear boots, as long as fashion allows you to. maybe these with their combination of felt and leather.
and girls: these shoes are hot. i know, i'm a guy, so i know nothing about the pain they'll cause, but they are simply wonderful! the mix of patent leather and gold works great.

finally, the bags. guys, you should wear the right one of course. the croc leather look is exactly what you need this autumn. it looks sophisticated, masculine and strong.
the bag on the right is one of the party-boxes you can see on gossip girl regularly. they are all the rage, so don't think about buying one. do it! this one has a great look and it's burgundy (imagine burgundy written in capital letters.)

let me know if this was helpful. i'm always happy about your feedback concerning the articles or the german/ english decision.

enjoy the cold season.

all pictures are from zara.com


  1. I really enjoyed this article a lot. Maybe it's because I love burgundy.