6 Nov 2012

who gives a fuck about fashion?

no matter what i'm going to write, i just want you to know that i love kenzo and everybody earns a second chance.

this sweater by kenzo is a must-have according to a lot of fashion journalists and bloggers. there is a real hype around all the sweaters by kenzo and in a few weeks, everyone who doesn't already own one is going to have one of those or will desperately search a copy (and there will be a lot of copies) at the nearest departement store.
every single blog i read features this piece of (sorry) shit. you can't ignore it, even if you really try to. so because i can't pretend this sweater doesn't exist, i'm going to tell you why i really hate it.

first of all, i seem to have a different opinion concerning fashion as most bloggers do. i'm of the opinion that the main purpose of fashion is to make it's wearer look good. clothes are made for the people who buy them.

of course there are trends, and i like trends. they somehow reflect the zeitgeist.

if there are trends which can make people look better and are beautiful or interesting, then i follow this trend and i introduce it to you on this blog. but trends shouldn't be more important than your look.

the kenzo-sweater isn't beautiful. it's a trend which makes you look bad, pretty similar to ed hardy. sweaters in general are pretty difficult, cause they make you look lazy and fat, but if someone vomits on them and labels them with a brand in such an embarrassing way, a difficult piece becomes a disaster.

still, the sweater is a trend which is becoming huge. so please think twice before buying one at zara which will be full of them next month. think about whether going with the trend is worth looking like a fat, distressed teenager from the eighties. instead, don't give a fuck on fashion and buy something classy that makes you shine. if you're able to think like that, you've got more brain than most of the fashion community does.

picture: kenzo

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